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I love it when lesbians are the heroes of their own stories and get to live happy, fulfilled lives. That’s why I started writing, because for too long our stories were written by people who didn’t think we deserved that. I had no idea how much I needed to see my life reflected back at me through lesbian characters who had adventures, who gained confidence and agency, who overcame adversity, and who, along the way, fell in love. I’ve kept writing because you supported me by buying my books, dropping me notes, leaving reviews, asking for autographs … all the things that swell an author’s head and heart. I feel so lucky to count many of you as friends.

I’m featuring two books right now. Bringing Me Dreams is the latest, preceded by Words Unsaid, the fifth book in the Skaken Series. Thanks to all who’ve written reviews and talked up my books on the blog & social media. Nothing speaks louder to potential readers than other readers.

On the Books page, you’ll find synopses of all my titles, along with purchase links to Bella Books, my publisher. They’re also available from other booksellers in print, ebook, and several in audio; I suggest buying from Bella Books because it keeps our money in our community. No matter where you buy it, I appreciate that you’re willing to part with your hard-earned cash for something I’ve written, and I’ll always do my best to give you your money’s worth. Please don’t make or accept unauthorized copies because that’s just too depressing to think about.

The Blog page is mostly book news or event-related bits, but I’ve been horribly negligent for the last couple of years about updating. If you truly need to know what’s on my mind, best to follow me on Facebook. I’m on Twitter & Instagram too but I don’t post much on those, so it’s not worth the follow.

If you have questions or comments, you can reach me through the Contact page. That’s the private channel — your blog comments are posted for everyone to see, so careful not to post something private.

Best to all & thanks for stopping by.