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Trial by Fury

When a coed is viciously assaulted on the campus of Harwood University, performance studies professor Celia Perone learns a brutal truth—star athletes can get away with whatever they want. Threatened with her job if she goes public, Celia pays a secret visit to celebrated women’s rights attorney Theodora Constantine. Theo’s riding high after winning a […]

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Touch of a Woman

A workplace rampage leaves Ellis Rowanbury grieving her husband of twenty-six years and feeling more adrift than she ever thought possible. Her finances in shambles, she gratefully accepts a junior-level job at a magazine in Sacramento and wills herself to move on. Summer Winslow has pieces of her own to pick up, pieces that were […]

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T-Minus Two

It’s the boldest conquest of our time—the colonization of Mars. Of the thousands who clamored for a one-way ticket to the Red Planet, only a fraction remain in the running. Now they’re converging on Hawaii’s Big Island for a nail-biting competition to be the first to launch. Mila Todorov has prepared for this moment throughout […]

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Life After Love

Life is over for Allyn Teague, or so she thinks when her wife leaves Seattle for another woman. Facing unrelenting heartbreak, she learns to embrace it, oblivious to the toll her grief is taking on her body and spirit. Her only hope is for Melody to realize her mistake and come home. Bea Lawson notices […]

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Anyone But You

An underground pipeline has ruptured, spilling oily sludge into Minnesota’s pristine Lake Bunyan. Taking the media’s heat for Nation’s Oil is Corporate Communications Director Cathryn Mack, an old pro when it comes to spinning the facts in her company’s favor. Stuck in Duluth to handle the press during eight weeks of cleanup, she finds a […]

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Etched in Shadows

For 39-year-old Johnelle Morrissey, the American Dream is a successful career in medical technology, a stately home in historic Charleston, SC, and happy times with the people she loves most—her husband Dwight, their teenage son Ian and her oldest friend Alice Choate. That dream shatters on a routine business trip when her plane goes down […]

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West of Nowhere

It was a great dream—while it lasted. At twenty-five, Amber Halliday had thought life on the road with the band was her ultimate fantasy come true. In the blink of an eye she finds herself abandoned at a truck stop in Kentucky. No money, no family and nowhere to go. Even though her common sense […]

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Coming November

Playing With Fuego

Daphne Maddox passed up a plum corporate job in Boston to follow the love of her life to Miami. Three years later, the girl and her dreams long gone, Daphne is eking out a living as a coordinator for a nonprofit home builder. Heaven help the next woman who dangles empty promises. Maribel Tirado León’s […]

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After eleven years on the anchor desk at TV4, Ashley Giraud is one of the most beloved figures in Tampa Bay. That’s how she likes her love—distant and impersonal. Outwardly sociable with her coworkers and viewers, she can’t wait to get back to her gated home and garden. When her longtime stylist goes out of […]

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Photographs of Claudia

To win a spot in an elite workshop for studio photographers, Leonora Westcott must put together an extensive portfolio. Her efforts–and inspiration–get a boost when Claudia Galloway, a teacher intern in town for only a few months, volunteers to model. For Claudia, the sensual poses offer one last chance to flaunt her independence before settling […]

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Out of Love

Clients and coworkers know Carmen Delallo, owner and CEO of a Chicago consulting firm for the travel industry, as a smart, engaging woman driven to succeed in business by a genuine love of her work. Judith O’Shea is focused on her work too. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she makes do in a small studio […]

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Shaken Series #1: Without Warning

On a day that begins like any other, a violent earthquake strikes Los Angeles, plunging the region into chaos.  Two strangers, trapped in a collapsed shopping mall, find each other amid the rubble and join forces to escape.  Hampered by injury and darkness, they claw their way through one crumbled store after another, emerging long […]

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Shaken Series #2: Aftershock

Finally at peace with the mistakes of her disastrous first marriage, Anna Kaklis is ready to commit to love again, knowing in her heart that Lily Stewart is the one she will fight to keep forever.  But as she gathers her courage to take the step, she is suddenly handed the reins of Premier Motors, […]

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Shaken Series #3: Small Packages

In Without Warning, they fell in love. In Aftershock, that love was tested and reaffirmed. Now Anna and Lily Kaklis face questions about family and future when a homeless woman is killed in San Francisco, leaving a three-year-old who happens to be Lily’s nephew in foster care. Lily will not allow her birth mother to ruin another […]

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Shaken Series #4: Mother Load

An earthquake didn’t break them. Old demons only tested and deepened their commitment. Even a toddler couldn’t tear them apart. Now Anna and Lily Kaklis have decided on a new adventure: adding to their family. As usual, the timing couldn’t be better. Lily’s only involved in the most important case of her career, and Anna […]

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Worth Every Step

Family and friends are shocked when Mary Kate Sasser throws herself into the adventure of a lifetime. The small-town Southerner follows her imagination on a quest to Africa, refusing the escort of her boyfriend. His marriage ultimatum echoes in her ears, but she’s not going to think about that until she has climbed the summit […]

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Sea Legs

Kelly Ridenour couldn’t be happier. She’s leaving the bitter Rochester winter behind and going with new friends on a fabulous vacation. Even better, her cabin mate is Natalie Chatham, the lovely lady of Kelly’s recent daydreams. Natalie has a golden opportunity. Among the other travelers is Didi Caviness, her ex. She and Didi collaborated on […]

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Secrets So Deep

Sixteen-year-old Sebby Wright holds a secret that threatens his mother–a secret from his past so murky even he can’t see it clearly. When he tries to take his own life, psychiatrist Charlotte Blue suspects his problems are rooted in the accidental death of his father eleven years ago, and new fears of losing his mother […]

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Just This Once

As marketing manager for a major travel organization, Wynne Connelly travels twice monthly from her home in Baltimore to her company’s Orlando headquarters. Resigned to eventually being downsized by corporate restructuring, she’s looking ahead for new opportunities, a chance to make not only a career move, but also a new life. Paula McKenzie is second-in-command […]

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Sumter Point

Audie Pippin is a 24-year-old veterinary technician at the animal shelter in Sumter, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. Her carefree life includes friends, marijuana, margaritas and casual sex—until all of it is jeopardized by her grandmother’s failing health. When her grandmother is admitted to a nursing home after a serious stroke, Audie meets Beth Hester, […]

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