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Alice B!!!

The writer struggles … I’ve been poking around for days looking for the words to express how humbled I was last week to receive the 2012 Alice B. Medal from their Reader Appreciation Awards Committee. What makes this such a tremendous honor is knowing how much the award means to those who bestow it. It isn’t just […]

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My Top 10 of ’10

Between losing my mom & having back surgery, 2010 was a pretty tough year. Still, sharing the Top 10 highlights has become something of a rite, so I went back through my blog & calendar in search of the peaks and found plenty of things to celebrate. Turns out life is good even when it […]

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A friend in need

Still shopping for that special lesbian fiction reader in your life? You know the one … she gasps & clutches her chest if you crack the spine or dog-ear the pages on her precious “paperback friends.” I have a few ideas that will deliver not only a unique gift, but the knowledge that you’re helping someone in a time of dire need. […]

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When a story falls apart

You know what I’m talking about. You get through the backstories, fix all the faces in your head, and smile to yourself when the soon-to-be lovers meet in the most unlikely of circumstances. You can’t wait to see where it’s all going, but that’s just what you do. Wait, that is. And wait … and […]

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