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The Top Ten for 2011

After kicking off the year in January by skipping my first Xena convention this century, I have to admit my expectations for 2011 were rather low. No books on the horizon and a lot of uncertainty about when I would start writing again. Now I look back and realize it’s been a fabulous year!

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Walking the Trail

Freshly home from Orlando after attending the 7th Annual Golden Crown Literary Society Conference. The grumblings about the hotel — the Buena Vista Palace, for those keeping score at home — are all true, but that did little to diminish what we came for, a celebration of lesbian writers & readers. I had a special […]

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I wish they all could be California grrrrls

I know, it’s been a while. I’d update more if I had news but I’m still in something of a writing lull. On the upside, I have semi-sort of-halfway committed to 2 books for 2012. If you had any idea how anxious it makes me to now have a semi-sort of-halfway deadline hanging over my head […]

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Keynote Address at GCLS

Egads, it’s true! I’ve been invited to deliver the keynote address this year at the 7th annual convention of the Golden Crown Literary Society in Orlando. And of course I said yes. Who could turn down an honor like that? In fact, I spent a couple of days pretty high on the idea … until it […]

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