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The Top Ten for 2011

After kicking off the year in January by skipping my first Xena convention this century, I have to admit my expectations for 2011 were rather low. No books on the horizon and a lot of uncertainty about when I would start writing again. Now I look back and realize it’s been a fabulous year!

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My Top 10 of ’10

Between losing my mom & having back surgery, 2010 was a pretty tough year. Still, sharing the Top 10 highlights has become something of a rite, so I went back through my blog & calendar in search of the peaks and found plenty of things to celebrate. Turns out life is good even when it […]

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Mother Load shipping and ready for download

This book is very special to me. The Shaken Series was my first-ever foray into fiction writing, and its reception in 2002 by fans in the online world of Xena fanfiction forever changed my life, not only because it unearthed my bliss — telling stories — but also because it opened doors to some of the richest, most enduring friendships […]

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Mother Load Ready for Order

Back in 2007, I announced that my publisher (Linda Hill) & I had hatched a plan to bring back the story originally published as Shaken in a 3-volume series, with hopes I could periodically peek in on Anna & Lily as the muse demanded. One of the conditions for writing any new installments was “if the series does well …” […]

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Another Brief Hiatus

After a year-long odyssey of drugs, therapy, injections & imaging, I’ve finally scheduled back surgery for later this week — a double spinal fusion. I’ve been assured my golf game will not suffer much, which is great news because it’s been suffering mightily for about 30 years. I want to say to all who have […]

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Interview on BlogTalkRadio

Hope you’ll tune in tomorrow for a discussion of Photographs of Claudia on MyQmunity Gay & Lesbian Book Talk with host Robert Jaquay. We’ll talk about the book’s inspiration & characters, and how to write a book like this without knowing the first thing about photography. I’ll post the link here once the interview is finished, but if you join […]

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Introducing Mother Load

With the help of my Web Witch, I’ve put up the Book Page on my next book, Mother Load. I hope you’ll take the time to read the background on the book, and whet your appetite with Chapter 1. More than any other, this book was a labor of love, a chance to revisit the characters […]

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Shaken Series #4: Mother Load

An earthquake didn’t break them. Old demons only tested and deepened their commitment. Even a toddler couldn’t tear them apart. Now Anna and Lily Kaklis have decided on a new adventure: adding to their family. As usual, the timing couldn’t be better. Lily’s only involved in the most important case of her career, and Anna […]

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