Undercover Tales

From Blayne Cooper, author of Unbreakable, The Last Train Home, Madam President, and many others, comes Quicksand, a story about sinking into trouble so deep, there’s no way out. Deceit, betrayal and resisting sexual temptation were never part of private investigator Belinda Blaisdell’s daily life. Until now.

KG MacGregor, author of the thriller Malicious Pursuit, presents Stolen Souls, the tale of Vonne Maglio, who signs on for a two-week vacation at a working ranch in the Colorado canyons. Nothing at Sky Ranch is as it seems-but then, neither is Vonne.

From SX Meagher, author of I Found My Heart in San Francisco, comes Narc. The dark side of Chicago is a cauldron of crime. Drugs, sex, blackmail, bribery and corruption so deep you can swim in it. And that’s just the cops. How does an honest detective wade through this muck to do her job?

ISBN: 978-1932667325


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