Shaken Series #2: Aftershock

Finally at peace with the mistakes of her disastrous first marriage, Anna Kaklis is ready to commit to love again, knowing in her heart that Lily Stewart is the one she will fight to keep forever.  But as she gathers her courage to take the step, she is suddenly handed the reins of Premier Motors, along with the irresistible chance to grow it from a single family dealership to the auto empire she has long envisioned.

Lily is thrilled with Anna’s good fortune, but not with the new demands on Anna’s time. Battling insecurities that have plagued her all her life, she falls into a pattern of self-destruction, one that spins abruptly out of control when tragedy strikes.

Anna realizes too late that Lily has fallen beyond her grasp.  Though she’s willing to sacrifice everything to save their love, only LIly can stop her downward spiral. In this second book of the Shaken Series, two women discover for themselves that real love knows no limits.

ISBN: 978-1594931352

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