Just This Once

As marketing manager for a major travel organization, Wynne Connelly travels twice monthly from her home in Baltimore to her company’s Orlando headquarters. Resigned to eventually being downsized by corporate restructuring, she’s looking ahead for new opportunities, a chance to make not only a career move, but also a new life.

Paula McKenzie is second-in-command on the night shift at the Weller Regent – the upscale hotel where Wynne stays whenever she’s in Orlando. Paula finds herself intrigued by the twice-monthly guest, who possesses an aura of mystery and elegant beauty.

When things grow hectic one night at the front desk, Paula emerges to lend a hand – just in time to greet Wynne at check-in. Their exchange borders on mild flirtation and both women come away feeling sparks. Soon they begin spending time together and share more than just a kiss. And while Paula is elated at the prospect of the budding romance, Wynne is alarmed at her loss of self-control. Ever mindful of her obligations back in Baltimore, she struggles to resist Paula’s fascination and allure.

ISBN: 978-1594930874

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