Secrets So Deep

Sixteen-year-old Sebby Wright holds a secret that threatens his mother–a secret from his past so murky even he can’t see it clearly. When he tries to take his own life, psychiatrist Charlotte Blue suspects his problems are rooted in the accidental death of his father eleven years ago, and new fears of losing his mother to breast cancer. She recommends an intensive treatment program, where beating back his demons means facing the horrible memories he buried long ago.

Since assuming her late husband’s congressional seat, Glynn Wright has led a quiet life of devoted service and motherhood, earning a reputation as a dependable soldier in her party. She is prepared to sacrifice everything to save her son, including the revelation that she is a lesbian, a move that would likely mean the end of her political career, and estrangement from her family.

One by one, the secrets spill with devastating consequences for Glynn. Even Charlotte suffers from the fallout, as her faith in Glynn–and the growing attraction they can’t resist–puts her at odds with her profession. Together, they search for the only thing that can save them–the truth about Glynn’s husband’s tragic death.

ISBN: 978-1594930706

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