Introducing Mother Load

With the help of my Web Witch, I’ve put up the Book Page on my next book, Mother Load. I hope you’ll take the time to read the background on the book, and whet your appetite with Chapter 1. More than any other, this book was a labor of love, a chance to revisit the characters that brought me out as a writer and allowed me to have a spot in that special place, the Xenaverse. All of you who begged me relentlessly for a sequel can now pat yourselves on the back. Do me a favor, though, and try to wait at least a few days before you start pleading for Book 5  🙂

When I wrapped up the revisions on Mother Load, I decided to take some time off from writing because I was having so much trouble with my back. I didn’t want to promise something on deadline when I was finding it difficult to concentrate and stay on task. However, my muse had other ideas, and she’s already started poking me about a couple of ladies named Julia & Ashley. I’ve almost finished with an outline on their romance and hope to start writing complete sentences between now and the end of the year. No promises on when it might be out, since it looks like back surgery is in my near future. I had a discogram last week, which they told me would hurt. They were right, very right.

Thanks to all of you who made a $10 donation to Stonewall Library during the mini-campaign we announced last Thursday. I hope to have a figure soon on how much we raised, and as I promised, I’ll match you all dollar for dollar.

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