A friend in need

Still shopping for that special lesbian fiction reader in your life? You know the one … she gasps & clutches her chest if you crack the spine or dog-ear the pages on her precious “paperback friends.” I have a few ideas that will deliver not only a unique gift, but the knowledge that you’re helping someone in a time of dire need. My longtime friend & fellow Xenaverse author Nene Adams suffered a severe infection that resulted in a month-long hospital stay, several surgical procedures, and the eventual amputation of her foot. She is currently awaiting transfer to a rehab center several miles from her home in Sneek, The Netherlands. There are several hurdles she & her partner Corrie face before release from rehab: Their home must be prepped for wheelchair access, and they must secure the means to transport Nene to & from her physiotherapy. It’s a long, hard road ahead, but friends can ease her journey.

Here’s where the shopping part comes in: On her website, In Shadows, D Jordan Redhawk is hosting an auction that features more than 50 books — some rare, many autographed — along with other items of interest to sci-fi/fantasy fans. Our goal is to raise $4,000 for Nene’s immediate needs, things that won’t be covered by medical insurance, and that have to be in place before she can come home. I’ve offered an autographed set of the Shaken Series (all 4 books), and I’ll pay shipping to anywhere in the world. The auction closes December 14th, and I promise to get the package out the next day so you’ll have it in time for Santa.

Helping one another is a longstanding tradition of both the Xenaverse & the lesbian fiction community, and it’s easily the very best thing about all of us. Please follow this link to bid on the auction items or simply make a donation to Nene’s fund.

For those who have been following The Saga of My Aching Back, I want to share some very good news: I saw the surgeon on Monday; he said the fusion looked very good, and he gave the thumbs up to begin physical therapy & exercise.

My annual rite — my Top 10 Highlights of the Year — is coming soon.

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