I wish they all could be California grrrrls

I know, it’s been a while. I’d update more if I had news but I’m still in something of a writing lull. On the upside, I have semi-sort of-halfway committed to 2 books for 2012. If you had any idea how anxious it makes me to now have a semi-sort of-halfway deadline hanging over my head these days, you’d count that as big news. I still haven’t worked out all of my back issues, but my doctors are chasing them with fascination & professional curiosity.

Since there’s nothing new on the book front, allow me to share some more personal news. This year marked my 11th trip to Palm Springs for the Dinah, where there are more lesbians than you can stir with a stick. It’s a great place to catch up with friends, to girl-watch, and to see some remarkable ladies play some remarkable golf. It’s also a good real estate market, so this year we decided to buy a house (to build one, actually). The 6 years we’d spent living in California were my favorite by far, and I can’t wait to get back out to the west coast. I’m sure all the headaches associated with packing & moving trucks & utilities & paperwork will magically take care of themselves. When it’s all finished I’ll have a real office again, and a stockpile of inspiration.

Just a reminder, I’ll be giving the keynote speech this year at GCLS in Orlando. If you haven’t yet registered, I hope you will. It’s a great conference for writers, aspiring writers & readers — anyone who loves lesbian books. The one thing you’re guaranteed to take away from the conference is friends.

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