5.5 :: Playing with Fuego on Cinco de Mayo

I’ve just this afternoon finished another book, Playing With Fuego, due out November 2012. It’s the story of Daphne Maddox, a blonde, blue-eyed, monolingual English-speaker who finds herself stuck in Miami. For all she has in common with the locals, she might as well be on the moon. Not that I have any personal experience on the moon, but I lived in Miami for 11 years, long enough to truly fall in love with the crazy place. It’s an acquired taste for Anglos, but well worth it.

Rosa Moran appears in this story as herself. She won the character auction at MaryD’s to raise money for Starship Children’s Hospital in NZ, and it worked out really well that Rosa happens to be Cuban. Now she has 6 months to wait & wonder about how she fits in.

In other news, I’m leaving Palm Springs next week for cooler climes in TN before we make it back over to NC for the summer. I’m in for a great adventure, since I’m taking my cat Roz along with me on the plane for the first time. I think I’ve gathered everything I’ll need: her shot records, a blanket to cover her carrier, tranquilizers, tranquilizers for Roz … If you have any travel tips for us, please post them in the comments section.

It’s going to be a busy summer! I’ll be in NY for a fabulous Lammy ceremony on June 4th, then in Minneapolis June 13-17 for the Eighth Annual GCLS Con. I’ll have a new book at the GCLS Con — Rhapsody — and if you’re planning on being there and want me to bring any of my other titles for sale, *please drop me a note!*

8 Responses to “5.5 :: Playing with Fuego on Cinco de Mayo”

  1. I am a new visitor to this computer page.I became familiar with your books by first readingWorth every step,it was my vicaricus summer trip.I am going to really enjoy your books.

  2. I love the title and without any doubt will love reading it.
    I can hardly wait for “Rhapsody” …
    Thank You.

  3. I tried the tranquilizer today. She’s very mellow, so I hope it means we both have a good trip back.

    • That’s really good to know. Unexpected pet reactions to tranquilizers while flying cause the majority of problems of pets on planes. Have a safe trip, both of you.

    • We will see you at Maria’s!

  4. Thanks, Susan! I’ll give it a try and hope for the best. See you at Maria’s on the 27th? I heard you had a conflict around that time but I hope you & Sam will be there.

  5. Will be glad to see you back in the NC mountains! Give Roz trial tranq. at home first (yes, try this at home:) ) to make sure she is not a rare feline that becomes a howling space cadet on tranquilizers, instead of being calmer. Not good to try first time using it on the plane.

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