Coming to the Xena Convention?

Artwork by MaryD

Artwork by MaryD

That familiar whine that signals the start of a Xena: Warrior Princess episode is the Bulgarian bagpipe. Each time I hear it, it takes me back to one of the happiest, most productive times of my life. I was living in the South Bay β€” falling in love with California β€” and flying all over the country every week in my job as a research consultant. I spent my spare time on planes and in hotels reading thousands of stories downloaded from Xena fan fiction sites, and eventually gave in to the urge to write my own. I also participated in a few Xena-related online forums and Yahoo groups, where I struck up friendships with dozens of people I went on to meet in real life. Many of those people have become so dear to me that I can’t imagine my life without them.

As a military brat who attended nine schools in twelve years, and who moved over fifteen times as an adult, I embraced the Xenaverse as a quasi-home, and I’m thrilled to be headed to Burbank this weekend for that very special family reunion β€” the annual Xena Convention. If you’re a Xena fan, I hope you’ll consider joining me. I’ll be signing books off & on at Bedazzled Book Peddler’s table, but mostly I’m there to catch up with my pals and get all slack-jawed over Xena herself, Lucy Lawless.

By the way, the artwork above is used with permission of MaryD, who’s done some gorgeous work. Please check out her gallery.

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