Deserting the desert

Roz in Repose

Roz in Repose

Another winter season in the California desert is gone, and with it, another manuscript. To put it another way, the mercury on the back patio hit 111 yesterday, and I turned in my Fall 2014 book, Life After Love, to the editor last night. Rozzie & I are ready for the annual migration to the North Carolina mountains, where the high next week is expected to be … let’s see … 76.

I have a fairly busy summer on tap. I’ll be in New York June 2nd for the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Awards. As you know from my frequent appeals for support, I’m on the Board of Trustees, and thanks to that I’ve been privy to the preparations for this year’s gala. It’s always exciting — Kate Clinton, Justin Vivian Bond, Kate Bornstein — but this year I get to go fangirl over one of our presenters, A.M. Homes, author of this year’s Women’s Prize for Fiction. I first discovered Homes in 1999 when a friend sent me Music for Torching. I closed the book and said, “I wish I had the nerve to write like that.” A bit bold for the usual lesbian romance audience. Yes, a bit. Quite a bit. (Try it anyway.)

Shortly after that, I have a book coming out, a June 17th release from Bella Books called Anyone But You. It’s a tale of corruption and intrigue mutual seduction and overpowering magnetism.

Later in the summer is the big bash in Portland, the Tenth Annual Golden Crown Literary Society Conference. If you haven’t yet planned to attend, follow that link and make your plans now! It’s a blast year after year, and if you aren’t there, you won’t be part of the fun. Etched in Shadows is up for a pair of Goldie Awards — Traditional Contemporary Romance and Ann Bannon Popular Choice. The competition is stiff though, so I’m going to try to get there early and switch the envelopes if necessary.

Finally, I’d love to do an event in NC this summer — a reading/signing/meet ‘n greet anywhere in the state. Bookstore, library, Pride event, or even a picnic packed with lesbian book fans. I expect to be there through September, so if you know of something happening and/or can help with the organizing, drop me a note and let’s get this on the calendar!

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  1. Yay! Back to your piece (peace) of Heaven in the North Carolina mountains!! I’ll bet Rozzie’s squirrels have been practicing their aerial feats to get a rise out of her.

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