Backlist on sale at Bella

LAL_CoverGot a couple of new books out this year and Bella Books is celebrating by putting ME in the spotlight and MY ENTIRE BACKLIST on sale. I’m talking ebooks, those sweet little digital companions that go everywhere and blow up nice and big so you can see the print without doubling down on your reading glasses. (What, am I the only one who does that?)

If you’re looking to fill out your mobile library, all of my backlist titles are 25% off at Bella right now. The Shaken Series. Worth Every Step. Mulligan. Photographs of Claudia. All. Of. Them. Go to Bella Books, select whatever you need to fill in your collection, and use the code KGMAC at checkout to save $2.50 per book. Sweet.

If you’re a Kindle addict, like my partner Jenny, you can download the mobi version from Bella and email it to your Kindle account. It’ll show up in your library like all the others, PLUS you get the satisfaction of knowing your hard-earned cash went to a lesbian-owned business.

A big thanks to all of you for years of support. For your reviews, your Facebook notes, your emails — all the things you do to let me know you’re out there and engaged. A lot of writers say they don’t pay much attention to feedback. I do. It helps me remember there are real people on the other end of my books, that I’m not just writing for myself or for some ideal of what I think a good book should be. You’re the ones who know that best.

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  1. Hello, willpower. Good-bye, willpower. *sigh*

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