Resolved for 2015

New Year’s resolutions generally suck, amirite? Lose weight, get in shape, eat better … sure. Come around on Super Bowl Sunday and you’ll find my butt on the couch and my hand in the Cheetos. Real change is hard, and the voices in your head arguing that it doesn’t really matter can get pretty loud.

Imminent failure notwithstanding, I have a few things on my list I want to work on this year:

  • I’ve gotten lazy about blogging — only 15 last year — so I’m going to try to beef that up in 2015. Twice a month at least, with more focus on writing and community issues. Maybe a format change that includes regular announcements of events and pipeline status for my books.
  • We’ve just gone through a horrid election year, and 2016 is certain to be much worse. I think I’ll take a break from politics in 2015. No sharing of my myriad outrages here or on Facebook, and in fact, I’m going to try to steer clear of the blogs and news sites that tend to stir my indignation. That’s not to say I’ll stick my head in the sand … just that I won’t amplify the negativity. There’s enough to go around as it is.
  • I hope — hope! — to write a novella this year. A novella featuring some characters from an earlier book … characters some of you have been asking about. I’ve already sketched out a few ideas. More on that later.
  • On a personal note, I’m going to make a concerted effort to show more patience. Or at least less agitation. The world could use one less grouch.

  • **********

    LAL_CoverThere’s something very satisfying about landing on your feet after thinking you’ve lost everything, especially when you get to look someone in the eye and say, “I’m over you.” Life After Love came out on Kindle a couple of days ago and is chugging its way up the bestseller chart. Thanks for the reviews and the nice comments on Facebook.

    I’m finishing up revisions this weekend for T-Minus Two, the story of two women vying to be the first to colonize Mars. Can’t wait to see what the cover artists come up with for that one. The only help I gave them was, “an astronaut story that takes place entirely in Hawaii.”

    Lastly, I’m well into my outline for the next one, tentatively called The Touch of a Woman. If that sounds like someone’s getting a toaster oven, well … you could be right.

    4 Responses to “Resolved for 2015”

    1. Cheetos! Marty! lol. I too have made a resolution to “steer clear of the blogs and news sites that tend to stir my indignation”. I think I am going to stay away from news headlines in general for 2015.


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