Back to the Big Easy

GCLS2005030When this photo was taken, I was still in my 40s … but just barely. The year was 2005. The place, the Renaissance Hotel in New Orleans — site of the very first GCLS conference. I still recall the Chihuly chandelier.

I’d been an avid participant at Bardcon and Bardfest, two book events that arose from Xena fan fiction, but this was my first chance to meet authors outside the fandom. That’s me talking to Jean Stewart, bringer of the Women of Isis series, and I remember to this day how excited I was to learn she’d read some of my work and enjoyed it.

It was also at that first GCLS con where I persuaded Linda Hill to take me on as a Bella Books author. Looking back, I’d call the weekend a roaring success.

Now it’s 10 years later and we’re heading back to where it all began — July 22-26 at the Hilton Riverside — for the 11th Annual GCLS Conference. The conference has grown from three days to five; from several dozen attendees to a few hundred; and from ten awards to forty. Beyond these obvious markers for growth, GCLS has matured as a shining example of how an all-volunteer nonprofit organization can prosper through dedication to its mission, and support of its membership. I’m extremely proud of my perfect attendance at GCLS conferences all over the country.

Lots of juicy sessions this year! Here’s where I have to be and when (which I’m writing mostly for my own benefit):

° Wednesday 5:00 pm — Meet & greet
° Thursday 9:50 am — Hopeful Ever After: A New Kind of HEA
° Thursday 11:10 am — I don’t care what’s written about me as long as it isn’t true
° Thursday noon — Lunch with a raffle winner
° Thursday 2:00 pm — recording Liz McMullen Show
° Friday 9:40 am — Fanfic to Lesfic
° Friday 11:30 am — Author auction
° Friday 4:00 pm — Autograph session
° Saturday 9:40 am — Author reading & chat
° Saturday 3:00 pm — Awards practice
° Saturday 6:00 pm — Reception & awards


In book news, I’ve picked some nice reviews for T-Minus Two — one at Curve Magazine and another at AfterEllen. A big thanks to everyone who’s written a review at a bookseller site, blog or on social media. Thanks too for your notes, comments and Likes.

I’ve turned The Touch of a Woman over to the proofreaders and formatters at Bella. I’ll start talking about that one when I get home from my summer travels.

Working on a new one called Trial by Fury.

2 Responses to “Back to the Big Easy”

  1. Maria (was MD Maryland, now Margaret Merland on FB) Reply July 12, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    KG, I’ve looked at your ‘when and where’ and I see that Friday at 11:30 a.m. there will be an author auction. Do I need to be present to win? If I win you, do I have to return you? When? Why? (just sayin’ 🙂 ::sigh:: KG, seriously, you are one of my favorite authors. You never fail to deliver a great story. Thank you.

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