Life imitating art imitating life

“Life begins at 60!” cover_mulligan

If you happen to have an autographed copy of Mulligan, chances are you’ll find this phrase inside. I scribbled it as an homage to my older readers, who told me they were delighted to find a romance about young-at-heart seniors falling in love.

In Mulligan, one of the main characters, Louise Stevens, is putting one foot in front of the other after the loss of her longtime partner on the eve of their retirement. At 63 and alone, she’s convinced her life is over. Marty Beck thinks otherwise. She’s an active 61-year-old who works as a teaching golf pro at a local club where Louise is a member. Though she’s fresh off gall-bladder surgery and battling with doctors over dietary restrictions, she refuses to slow down. And she won’t take no for an answer from Louise.

The book is based on a short story I wrote for the Valentine’s Special at the Royal Academy of Bards in 2003. Though I was only 47 at the time, I had plenty of friends in their 60s, and felt well within my comfort zone to write about their struggles with aging. The achy bones, the body parts that don’t work anymore. But I’d also seen their triumphs as they met challenges with the wisdom of their experience. Mulligan was a celebration of older lesbians, thus the whimsical phrase I intended as an inspiration.

So guess who’s turning 60 today? Let’s hope I like it as much as Marty and Louise.


A quick update on the blog I posted last week — I’ll be sending out autographed copies of The Touch of a Woman soon to those who supported Lambda Literary with a $100 donation during our Fall Challenge. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be blogging soon to tell you about some of the exciting things we’re doing behind the scenes.

The Fall Challenge is still going on — that means your gift will be matched by one of our generous Major Donors — so if you’d like to get an early copy of this book AND support the #1 LGBTQ literary organization in the world, there’s still time. Just click here to read how to help. I have confirmations from Sandra, Linda, Lucy, Ann, Sandy, Catherine, Sylvie & JJ. If you donated and don’t see your name listed, give me a shout and I’ll follow up.

10 Responses to “Life imitating art imitating life”

  1. I have always loved “Mulligan”. Even though I am only 50 I liked the concept that love can be found at any age. I have read it many times.

  2. Happy birthday. I loved Mulligan. Welcome to the 60’s.

  3. Happy Birthday KG. Welcome to your 60s the day after I left mine. It was a good decade and I wish same for you. I cherish my autographed copy of Mulligan. Thanks for all your books and your contributions to our community.

  4. Happy Birthday KG. May your positive outlook and your zest for life be with you always. May you love, be loved and surrounded by love and peace. Much hugs, amena

  5. This is still one of my favorite books. And welcome to 60. So far it seems mighty fine to me.

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