T-Minus Two — Contemporary Fiction about Science

TMinusTwocoverjaf0218Bella’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale features last summer’s title, T-Minus Two — $6.99 for the ebook, today only. My publisher has asked me to scream the following at the top of my lungs: THIS BOOK IS NOT SCIENCE FICTION!

Apparently, she’s gotten feedback from longtime customers who say they usually buy my books, but they’re skipping this one because they don’t read sci-fi. Fear not, T-Minus Two is an adventure story in a contemporary setting. As you read this, men and women from all over the world are locked in competition to be the first of humankind to travel to Mars, a project that’s been in the works for decades — and that some say is imminent. The story is set on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the competition takes place. No made-up transporters, replicators or ray guns — in fact, nothing futuristic by more than a few years. If women kicking ass in the science field sounds cool, please give it a try.


Thanks to all who’ve written a review or email, or posted a note on social media about Touch of a Woman. I can blog about it over and over; my publisher can advertise it or put it on sale. But nothing markets a book better than a recommendation from another reader.

For those who’ve been asking for the Kindle version, I’m afraid I have no idea when that will be available. In the meantime, there’s an easy workaround — buy your ebooks from Bella in mobi format and email them to your Kindle account. They’ll show up on your device like all the rest of your Kindle titles.


Still waiting for my editor’s notes on Trial by Fury, which is slated for release from Bella Books in May. Not exactly a legal thriller, rather it’s a drama set around a campus rape by a star athlete. Professor Celia Perone and civil rights attorney Theo Constantine have had enough of that, and they’re determined to hold the university accountable. I’ll post the cover and synopsis soon.

I’ve started work on the next one, a lighthearted romance set in a community I’ve written about before. In fact, we’ll have a chance to revisit a couple of characters from an earlier book. More on that later.


I wish you all a happy holiday season, wherever you are and whatever holiday you celebrate, including none at all. Safe travels if you’re hitting the road. I’m in Miami for a couple of weeks, dreaming of a warm, humid Christmas.

My end of year blog is next — the Top 10 happenings of 2015.

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  1. I’m one of those confused souls! Thanks for clarification!!! I’m now looking forward to reading this. Nothing like a little competition

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