Fallen Pieces

It’s true what they say about time speeding up when you get older. I only realized that last May when Jenny and I were packing up to leave the California desert for our summer place in the mountains of North Carolina. We’ve been doing the “snowbird” thing for about 12 years — before CA, we were in Miami — and I’ve always been ready for the seasonal switch. Having grown up in a military family, I’ve never had deep roots. The rules are simple: Don’t hoard things and don’t get too attached.

Now I’m tired. Of packing, losing things, missing the mail. Of never feeling settled, always having a moving date on the calendar. Just tired. And it makes the year go by too fast.

We were thinking of returning to Miami full-time — we’re both “urban souls” — but it seems we’ve decided to stay here in the mountains instead. There were many things to work out, but the last of the pieces fell into place today. I’m finally home.


But that doesn’t mean we have to stay here when it snows! We leave tomorrow for Fort Lauderdale, where we’ll board the Holland America Westerdam for an Olivia Cruise through the Caribbean. Olivia was kind enough to offer a cruise for two in our charity auction at the Lammys last summer, and Jenny went head-to-head with Lisa Girolami on the bidding. I’ll post a few pictures … assuming you’d rather see lesbians around a pool than snowy mountains.


Book news — I’m writing that short story I promised in my list of New Year’s resolutions. I’ll let you know when and where you’ll find it. And I’m working on my Fall title, Only the Summer, a romance set in the fictional town of Leland, KY. You may remember that one from The House on Sandstone.

Touch of a Woman is my latest release. Next one comes out in May — Trial by Fury. I’ll post the synopsis soon.

And I just registered for the Golden Crown Literary Society conference in DC next summer. Only 3 more days to get your early bird savings.

6 Responses to “Fallen Pieces”

  1. Ya know,.. I have several snowbird friends, and I’ve always thought it must get tiring. And for me, now, at this point in my life, there’s comfort in knowing that “home” is always in one place. Enjoy the new found sense of home, and by all means please feel free to send poolside lesbian pics!

    • One place means I can finally keep up with all my stuff. It seems like every time I ever needed something — my favorite shoes, a critical tax document, my passport — it was always in the other place. I’ll try to divert my eyes long enough to take photos.

  2. I’d rather see pictures of Ginny and Lisa bidding against each other!

    • We were both trying to drive the bid up but no one else jumped in. In the end, we get an all-lesbian cruise for two for the price of one. I’ll be sending Lisa the very best pictures.

  3. Welcome home. We enjoyed the Westerdam, hope you have a lovely, warm, relaxing time. Hugs to you both. And…if you **must** post pics of poolside lesbians, then I’ll bite the bullet and “pretend” to enjoy them. Sigh. 😉

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