Get an advance copy of Trial by Fury

51tFodHmonL._SX354_BO1,204,203,200_Could I tempt you to be the first on your block to read Trial by Fury? Theatre professor Celia Perone brings a campus case to celebrity women’s rights attorney Theo Constantine. The case is a sure loser, but Theo can’t turn it down because Celia’s determination touches a nerve.

Though I usually do two books a year, this is the only one scheduled for 2016. It’s set for release from Bella Books mid-May, but you can get it sooner. Read on!

I’ve been on Lambda Literary’s board of trustees for nearly five years, serving as president this past year — with one year to go before they term-limit me out the door. To be honest, the job entails a lot more than I originally thought when I said yes, but I completely believe LGBT lives are better because our authentic stories are written, published and read. Books save lives, and it’s up to all of us to do whatever we can for those in our community who yearn to see people just like them falling in love, meeting challenges, finding their voice and making their place in what can be an unfriendly world.

I’m asking for your help to support our programs — the Lambda Literary Awards, the Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices, Writers in the Schools and our website, Please consider making at least a $100 tax-deductible contribution to Lambda. Click on that link, put “KG’s book” in the memo box and I’ll send you a copy of Trial by Fury — autographed and personalized — the moment my author’s copies arrive. I know it’s only a small way to say thank you. Heck, you can buy it for less than twenty bucks. But you’d have my deepest gratitude, plus the distinction of belonging to the world’s premier organization for LGBT literature.

Those of you who’ve followed my blog for a while know I’ve been offering these early copies ever since I joined the board. I’m always happy to raise just a few hundred dollars, but you guys blew my doors off last year with T-Minus Two and Touch of a Woman. And since I’m only doing one book this year … I’ll make an additional $100 gift for everyone who donates, above and beyond the amount board members are required to give. Let’s do it!

12 Responses to “Get an advance copy of Trial by Fury”

  1. Ok… I’m hooked KG. I hope you have at least one left for me. When you do the honors, please make to “Shelly”. Thanks so much for being the champion you are.


    • Yes, I still have a handful. I’ll get it out in the mail this week. Thanks for the donation.  KG MacGregorPresident, Board of Trustees

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  2. Please sign the book to Lainie, Lee and Bolo the Magnificent 🙂

  3. Done. I appreciate your hard work.

  4. Sounds like a great idea so count me in!

  5. KG:

    Donation submitted!


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