If this were fiction …

I had an idea for a political novel but real life stole my plot. It’s just as well. If I wrote about a candidate whose best descriptor was an anagram of both racist sins and crisis tans, you’d accuse me of going over the top. Characters are supposed to be believable. (Says who? Polls…all of them.)

Available from Bella Books

Available from Bella Books

So I shelved that one and got to work on something else, working title A Moment of Weakness. It’s got romance and suspense, but I’d call it dramatic fiction. I have no idea when it’ll see the light of day … I hope it’ll happen sometime in 2017.

If you’re looking for something in the interim, I have an entry called “Sin City Spin” in Bella’s romance anthology, Happily Ever After. As the title suggests, it’s packed full of romance — sweet, spicy and hot — from your favorite authors at Bella. Mine is the story of Dara Bellinger, who’s treating her little sister’s wedding party to a bachelorette fling in Vegas. It’s nerve-wracking … until she discovers an interest in pole dancing.

On the home front, it’s been a frustrating summer. This time last year I was hiking 4-5 miles a day, but a knee injury has kept me sidelined since April. I finally had it scoped and cleaned up, so after a few more weeks of rehab, I might actually get back to the trails by fall. Just one more disruption next week — a minor back surgery — but I should be over it by the time my knee comes around. Then I’ll be out of excuses.

One Response to “If this were fiction …”

  1. KG, I love your books but for a couple hours after reading the first part of this blog I was beginning to not like you very much 😜 Because your little anagram challenge deflated what little ego I had left. The ‘jumble’ in my local paper, years ago, used to be my favorite thing and I usually solved it quickly. After an hour or so I gave up and went back to whatever i was reading before. A few hours later the little part of my brain that still works tapped me on top of my head with the answer!
    So, now I love you and your books. I also have a suggestion to help you reclaim part of your plot. My reaction to the few pictures I’ve seen of this idiot ranges from ‘Darth Vader’ to ‘Voldemort’ to the reincarnation of Hitler. So why couldn’t you write your, slightly altered plot, as the ‘child of, clone of, psycho follower of’ whatever idiot from history did this before?
    Whatever, keep writing please. 🤓

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