Coming February 19th at 4pm to Laurel Bookstore in Oakland CA

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I had this in my phone at 7:00pm. That’s because I live on the East Coast. THIS EVENT IS AT 4:00PM LOCAL TIME!!!!

You probably wonder why lesbian authors do bookstore events, so let me clear that up: This is how we all get rich. And famous. Dozens of people — hundreds even — who never heard of us pass by a promotional poster in the window or overhear their friends talking us up. Or they stumble upon a social media or blog post announcing our scheduled visit. They’re immediately intrigued. So they show up — standing room only most of the time. They give a listen, and rush to the counter to buy our books so they can get them signed in person.


I can’t speak for my fellow authors, but I do bookstore events because they’re fun. Because hanging out with readers is inspirational and hanging out with other writers is fortifying. And because I get to talk about books with lesbians with lesbians. It’s a dream job, this lesbian author business. All lesbians all the time.

Laurel Book Store in Oakland CA

Laurel Book Store in Oakland CA

Sunday February 19th at 4:00 pm — mark it down — at the Laurel Book Store in Oakland CA. It’s located at 1423 Broadway in the historic Lionel J. Wilson Building, Oakland’s very own Flatiron. I’ll be there with fellow Bella authors Karin Kallmaker, Jaime Clevenger, Heather Rose Jones, Pol Robinson and Laina Villeneuve. The plan is for each of us to do a short reading from our most recent work, run through a few panel questions, and hand the mic over to you, the audience. Bring your best questions.

A special thanks to Laurel Book Store for hosting this event. Please visit their website and help us thank them by going home with a hefty bag of brand new books. And kudos to Karin Kallmaker for arranging this event.

I hope you’ll come. Lots of free parking in the Clay Street Garage.

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