Organic travels

I blame Netflix for the travel bug. I’m addicted now to European TV and film, especially crime thrillers, political intrigue and farce. Ergo we’re off to London today having planned the flight and hotel but nothing else. It’s like starting a book based on an opening scene with no idea of what happens next, a process writers call “organic.”

We actually just returned from a week on the West Coast, a trip that was planned to the hour but disrupted by historic floods in Northern California, particularly in the South Bay where we were staying with friends. Still, it was hard not to be insanely jealous of you Californians because you live amid such diversity and innovation, and under a government that puts people first. Please don’t leave America.

Laurel Bookstore crowd, photo purloined from Pol Robinson

Laurel Bookstore crowd, photo purloined from Pol Robinson

A bright spot to our visit was a stop at Laurel Bookstore in downtown Oakland with fellow Bella authors Karin Kallmaker, Jaime Clevenger, Heather Rose Jones, Laina Villanueve and Pol Robinson. We even had a special unannounced guest — Robbi McCoy! Photos like this one don’t really do justice to the vibe in the room — there’s a palpable synergy between writers and readers every time we come face to face. Their questions and comments are thoughtful, and we all go home reminded of the real people on the other end of our books, people who engage with our characters as if they were friends. A special thanks to Luan Stauss for opening the store just for us.


A couple of days ago Katherine Forrest returned her notes on my latest manuscript, Moment of Weakness. When she learned we were off to London, she of course told me to forget about it and have fun. As if that could ever happen. How does a writer stop thinking about work that must be done? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Short of lobotomy, of course.

I was honored to see Trial by Fury on the shortlist for the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. The award is given by the Golden Crown Literary Society, which meets in Chicago in July. If you love lesbian literature, you really ought to check out the list of nominees for all of this year’s Goldie Awards. Romance, mystery, sci-fi, erotica and many more. And come see us in Chicago!

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  1. The Harry Potter studio tour is a must see!! London is a phenomenal city with lots of amazing sights to see!! Enjoy!!


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    […] Laurel Bookstore in downtown Oakland opened specially on a Sunday afternoon in February for an event with Bella authors that included Karin Kallmaker, Jaime Clevenger, Heather Rose Jones, Laina Villenueva and Pol […]

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