Coming in July — Moment of Weakness


Yes, I usually announce upcoming releases a LOT sooner. This one was different because I wasn’t even sure until today that I’d get it turned in on time. Now that it’s off for a line edit, I’m confident we’ll get it to the formatters soon.

Are you ready for the most amazing coincidence? This book’s coming out around the exact same time I step down from the Board of Trustees at Lambda Literary. So I’m taking one last opportunity to ask for your help in supporting an organization that has meant so very much to me, especially over these last six years. Together, we’ve raised over $12,000 for LL’s important programs, like awarding excellence at our annual Lammy gala in New York, and putting LGBTQ authors in secondary schools to talk about how our important our stories are in the lives of queer youth.

I’ll be talking more about this book over the next few weeks, a love story that breaks the usual romance conventions. Right now I want to offer you a chance to get a copy — autographed and shipped to your door as soon as I get my hands on them in late June/early July. All I ask is that you make a donation of at least $100 to Lambda Literary. Simply click this DONATE link and write “KG’s book” in the gift memo box. Bella sends me a box of 20 — I’d be thrilled to order 20 more, and 20 more after that. And I’d thank you deeply for helping make these last six years a terrific run!


Captain Suzann Redeker earned a Bronze Star for valor, one of the highest honors given by the Marine Corps. As leader of a FET—a female engagement team that patrolled in a combat zone—she took out four Taliban insurgents, but not before losing a soldier under her command and sustaining an injury that ended her military career. Now back home in rural Vermont, she’s forced to chart a new life as a civilian. What better way to do that than to fall in love with a woman who worships her for her courage and sacrifice?

From their very first kiss, Marleigh Anderhall knew Zann was the woman she was meant to marry. Valiant, dashing—the shining warrior she’d always dreamed would sweep her off her feet.

They have all they could ever want … a home they’ve built together and a love that grows stronger every day. It’s an idyllic life, until Zann discovers something about that fateful day in Afghanistan that calls into question her very identity. Would Marleigh still love her if she wasn’t the hero everyone thought her to be?


UPDATE: As of May 8, I’ve been notified of these donations. If you made a gift and your name isn’t on this list, please let me know. Sometimes they fall through the cracks.

Lainie & Lee

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