The #Resistance is mentally exhausting

You know exactly what I mean. I once shared that my most creative moments of the day were as I fell asleep or languished in bed after waking. In those few minutes, my mind would wander to story ideas, plot twists and all the machinations that go into tying together the threads of a book. Since the election, however, I go to sleep and awaken every single day with the sickening realization that Donald Trump is President of the United States.

As you might guess — because it’s happening to many of us — my imagination and focus have taken a tremendous hit. It takes a gargantuan effort to corral and shape creative thoughts under even normal circumstances. It’s even harder when first I have to tamp down my outrage at the latest affront. Turns out this president is even worse that I feared; and on top of all the indignities he inflicts daily, there’s a persistent evil churn in congress that won’t rest until my health care coverage is ended.

Self-care is essential. Who wouldn’t want to cleanse their thoughts by shutting out news events, dodging those social media contacts who constantly remind us what a horrible country this is under Trump’s leadership, or simply refusing to engage in political discourse?

Yet every time I almost persuade myself to unplug, I imagine a history book that describes how the initial resistance to America’s constitutional upheaval faded as opponents became demoralized by their own outrage and presumed powerlessness. Future generations will judge us for this. Either we keep fighting — or we surrender.


Did I also mention that I write books? My lesbians persist — and they win. This is the world we want to bring about, and it’s balm for the broken soul.

I was so happy today to see Moment of Weakness reviewed over at The Lesbian Review. Laney Webber shares her impressions of the story and its characters, along with a flirty excerpt. A big thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to write a review, a social media post, and even a personal note of appreciation. You’re the gas in my engine.

It also happens that my publisher Bella Books has put a couple of my ebooks on sale for only $5.99: Life After Love and T-Minus Two. It’s for a limited time, but signing up for Bella’s newsletter gets you a heads-up every time they slash prices.

And finally … I’m working on a new book set in Cambridge UK. Working title: A Proper Cup of Tea. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

9 Responses to “The #Resistance is mentally exhausting”

  1. I love your books, any chance we might see any of them in audiobook format?

  2. “I go to sleep and awaken every single day with the sickening realization that Donald Trump is President of the United States.” yes it is exhausting, and adding to that knowing 135 million Americans thought Clinton was the worse candidate, and still do – I despair.

  3. Thank you for resisting and writing!

  4. Just re-read this book yesterday. Thank you. Persistence and creativity are tough in these times, I struggle to write and deliver hope-filled sermons.

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