An existential crisis of title

The good news is that I’m about halfway through my next book. I still like it (mostly), though a couple of times I hit that familiar hurdle when I convinced myself it was utter garbage because I’m a hack. Each time I was able to back up and rework the gnarly bits until I liked it well enough to carry on.

The bad news — the title is making me insane. I’ve tried out about a dozen working titles. I settle on one … let it percolate a couple of days … then I hate it because it’s not descriptive and it doesn’t fit and it’s not the right tone and it’s forgettable and it sounds like everything else and even I can’t remember it from one day to the next.

It’s on the production schedule at Bella, due for release July 2018 in time for the GCLS conference in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Just don’t ask me what it’s called.


Again? Are you f**king kidding me?

On a personal note, I want to wish the very best of holidays to all who celebrate the season. Safe travels if you’re on the road, and kudos to those hosting family and friends. I also want to send a message of comfort to those who, for whatever reason, struggle at this time of year. The longer we live, the more likely it is that a sad event will become a seasonal memory. Know that you are remembered.

We are in TN this week getting a feel for the city of Nashville. I love our NC mountain home but I sorely miss the city life. My favorite city, Miami, just isn’t feasible with its vulnerability to water. Nashville makes sense for us for lots of reasons, so there’s a good chance we’ll resettle in the coming year. I hear that normal people don’t relocate every 3-4 years …


Coming soon — my Top 10 of 2017, an inventory of the year’s events, achievements, moments and themes. It’s one of my favorite rituals, and I hope you’ll tune in.

2 Responses to “An existential crisis of title”

  1. As I find my feet get itchy every four years or so, I totally understand. Best wishes on the title and wherever your heart takes you two.

    • Same here. Having grown up in a military family, I can’t imagine staying in the same place for longer than three years. I’ve been able to manage this itchiness by seasonal moves between the mountains in summer and fall and the coast or desert in winter and spring. I’m tired of all that now and want to stay put. Jenny renovated her family home in rural TN, which is a day’s drive from our NC house. She wants to spend time there. Me … not so much, but I can be pliable as long as I have a place to write. It would be so much easier on both of us if we were closer so we could retreat easily.

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