Coming this summer — A Proper Cuppa Tea

Nothing feels like this — finishing a manuscript and sending it off to the publisher & editor. It’s a weird feeling when you’ve been pouring 8-10 hours a day into something and all of a sudden it’s done. Even after just a few hours (and two more episodes of Prisoners’ Wives), I feel strangely guilty, as if I’m supposed to be working.

You’ll notice I haven’t blogged in a while, not since my New Year’s resolutions early last month. When a book is nearing the end, there’s almost nothing that can pull me away from it, especially when it’s unfolding the way it’s supposed to. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these two ladies and their friends, to see their love unfold, to peek at them while they were having sex … What, you didn’t know?

I’m proud to introduce this one, a trans-Atlantic romance featuring a couple of sassy, smart women. I hope you’ll put it on your reading list for this summer.

A Proper Cuppa Tea

A disastrous office affair has left Channing Hughes bitter, cynical and unemployed. What better time to leave Boston for her native England, where her late grandfather has named her sole heir of the Hughes fortune, as well as Penderworth, a centuries-old manor house that’s been in the family for generations. Only one problem with that plan—there is no Hughes fortune. And the only way out from under the hefty tax bill is to sell the manor as quickly as possible and find another job.

If anyone deserves to be cynical, it’s Lark Latimer. She overcame a dysfunctional upbringing in a Boston suburb only to lose both her college sweetheart and a promising medical career when her Ma fell critically ill. Determined to bounce back, Lark signs on with a pharmaceutical company, a job that takes her abroad to investigate a drug trial gone sideways. Ever the optimist, she finds something to cheer no matter how dismal the landscape. This summer in England, that something is Channing.

Neither woman imagined the spark they shared on their trans-Atlantic flight would lead to life-changing decisions. Will Channing give up a future with Lark to save her home? Or will Lark persuade her to sell the manor and return to Boston? Their clock is ticking.

Coming July 2018 from Bella Books

4 Responses to “Coming this summer — A Proper Cuppa Tea”

  1. Sylvie Saint-Laurent Reply February 19, 2018 at 9:04 am

    Can’t wait to read it, but for me, cuppa is for tea, so pléonasme.

  2. Sounds interesting. But I must add that the word tea in the title is redundant. Cuppa in Britain means a cup of tea. It can’t be anything else. So, to me, this reads a cup of tea tea. Just wanted to point it out because this may jar your British readers!

    • We had a long discussion on FB on this very subject. There were several British readers who said coffee has grown in popularity, and others who said you add coffee but not tea. Sounds like a great conversation for the characters. 😉

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