Listen up!

Listening was never my strong suit, at least that’s what my teachers said. Apparently my brain was better suited for the written word than the audio, and that’s still true today. If you want me to remember something, best to write it down and hand it to me.

But if you’re into podcasts, interviews and audiobooks, I’ve got some fresh stuff out there you might enjoy. Pop in your earbuds while you’re pounding that treadmill or suffering that interminable commute, and give a listen. There may be PRIZES involved!

First is Anita Kelly’s monthly podcast, Lez Talk About Books, Baby! Any chance to revisit those amazing days writing fanfiction in the Xenaverse is a real treat. It’s especially fun that I started my writing career with Book 1 in the Shaken Series, and here I am 18 years later working on Book 5. A huge thanks to Anita for putting in the work that helps us promote our work and connect with our community. Check out her interview archive.

The second listen is a delightful panel discussion hosted by Curve Magazine as part of its Virtual Video Festival of lesbian interests, including cooking, film, fashion, and my personal favorite — books. I joined fellow authors Lynn Ames and Cheryl Head for a fun and thought-provoking chat about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our work. This panel — Writing Contemporary Fiction in Real Time, moderated by Melissa Brayden — was attended live by over 4,000 listeners, many of whom generously made a donation to Curve to support the festival.

And third, I’m proud to announce the audiobook release of The Lucky Ones, read by Elizabeth Russell. It’s the story of Britt and Ninah navigating the tinderbox of political and societal divisions in rural Kentucky. For the nostalgic among you, the book revisits the town of Leland, home to Carly and Justine from The House on Sandstone.

Wait, I said something about PRIZES? The Lucky Ones features a minor league baseball team, which I’ve named the Leland Longdogs. Their mascot is a red dachshund named Banger. I’ve got a handful of promotional codes for the audiobook, so how about I draw some names? All you have to do is leave a comment — just name your favorite team or mascot, real or fiction.

UPDATE: Oliva & Shawnda each won a free audiobook! Thanks for all the comments!

36 Responses to “Listen up!”

  1. Rosco. SF Giants

  2. The Stanford Tree.

  3. Grimsby Town FC

  4. stephaniesolomon64 Reply June 5, 2020 at 2:20 am

    Texas Longhorns. Hook ‘EM!

  5. Are Waldorf and Statdler mascots? 😁

  6. Any women’s softball team, fast or slow pitch! I think one of the teams I played on(many years ago) was The Divas, lol.

  7. I love to coach my nephew’s little league baseball team.

  8. UT Longhorns!!

  9. Paws, the Detroit Tiger mascot.

  10. Baltimore Orioles, and the Oriole bird!!

  11. Colleen Sullivan Reply June 4, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    University of Texas Longhorns!

  12. The Philadelphia Flyers mascot – Gritty. The memes!

  13. Boston Red Sox

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