Alice B!!!

The writer struggles … I’ve been poking around for days looking for the words to express how humbled I was last week to receive the 2012 Alice B. Medal from their Reader Appreciation Awards Committee. What makes this such a tremendous honor is knowing how much the award means to those who bestow it. It isn’t just this spiffy medal, but also a generous cash award, all from the kindness of a group of readers who truly celebrate lesbian stories. That’s … just … so … For twenty minutes or so, all I could manage was, “Wow,” over and over.

The Award’s founder, Roberta “Sandy” Sandburg, passed away a couple of years ago, but she left a legacy for all of us — a tangible reminder that writers plus readers make a community. I hope to honor her memory by always keeping in mind the very real people on the other end of my books. Thank you to the Awards Committee for this wonderful, wonderful honor!

It was great to see so many familiar faces again in Burbank at the Xena convention. There was some noise about this being the “Final Journey” but the organizers have decided to reconvene one more time next year. I’m not sure any of the Xena fans I know will ever think of their personal Xena journey as final. It sounds trite, but I truly feel the Xena spirit lives inside us all in the way we care for one another and see the good inside everyone.

Thanks to all who came by the Bedazzled Book Peddler table to buy books. Sorry I ran out of Mother Load. I promise if they do this convention again, I’ll bring lots of copies of all my new ones.

Speaking of new ones … Rhapsody. We’re in the home stretch, going through the final pass in the editor’s hands. I’ll tell you all about it in my next update, which will come in a couple of weeks when this site gets a bit of a facelift. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers!

One Response to “Alice B!!!”

  1. You totally deserve the Alice B. award. You’re a fantastic writer, a fantasitc woman and mentor and I, among thousands of others, am blessed to be one of your fans.

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