The Queen’s First Jubilee


It was a year ago today that I walked out of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter with a new cat, promising the staff there that she was on her way to becoming the Queen of Indio. By their best estimate, she was about a year old, but since I don’t know her exact birthdate, I thought we could commemorate her coronation instead. Roz, I called her, in honor of Rosalind Russell, the star of my all-time favorite movie, Auntie Mame. We’ve had a great first year together, and she’s certainly lived up to my royal expectations. I only hope I’ve been the loyal subject Her Highness deserves.

Let me catch you up on a few tidbits. Playing With Fuego is now shipping from Bella Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble … wherever lesbian books are sold. The ebook is available only from Bella — mobi format for your Kindle, epub for your Nook.

I recently did an interesting interview with The Book Breeze, and that issue is now available online. Interesting, that is, for me. It was a different set of questions than I’m used to, and I appreciated the chance to talk about the whos, hows & whys of writing. I’d love to hear your take on those questions, especially the last one.

And finally, a reminder about the Fall Fundraiser for the Lambda Literary Foundation. If you make a donation before the end of December, write the words “KG’s drawing” in the memo window and I’ll enter you in a drawing for an autographed copy of Playing With Fuego. Every $25 gets you another entry, so $100 means you have 4 chances to win. As a board member, this cause is near & dear to my heart. The Foundation honors excellence in LGBT literature, and fosters a sense of community among LGBT authors & readers. Your contribution helps sustain our programs. Thank you, thank you & thank you.

One Response to “The Queen’s First Jubilee”

  1. Oh Regal Roz… feisty, fleet, funny and furry. I saw her leave her mark, and the mark too. Ouch!

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