Now shipping — Jugando con fire

Playing With Fuego is now shipping from Bella Books, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. E-book available *only* from Bella.

You’ll find the synopsis on the book page and the first chapter in an earlier blog, but I know some readers want to know even more. After Rhapsody, you may even wonder how you’re going to feel when you finish this book. Fair enough.

I liken this one to Sea LegsOut of Love … maybe a touch of Mulligan. Light & fun mostly, with a touch of intrigue. It’s a romance for sure, but it’s also a character journey for Daphne Maddox, who doesn’t feel at home amidst the diversity in Miami. If you’ve ever had to squeeze your square self into a round world, you’ll relate to Daphne’s struggles.


Quick reminder about the Fall Membership Drive at Lambda Literary Foundation. For a $25 gift, I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a signed copy of Playing With Fuego. Just follow all the tabs and write “KG’s Drawing” in the memo window. Every $25 gets you an extra entry in the drawing, and for every $500 in donations, I’ll add another book to the drawing. Since we started this drive October 24th, we’re already at two prizes. I’d be thrilled to give away a dozen. As always, thanks for your support of the Foundation.

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