Nothing happened in February

That’s my excuse for letting a whole month go by without blogging. That, and the fact that my New Year’s resolution was not to complain constantly about politics. It’s helping my frame of mind and probably yours too.

In retrospect, I realize several things happened last month but they were mostly on the quiet side and hardly worth interrupting “Downton Abbey.”

WESTthumb— I finished revisions on my summer release, West of Nowhere. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I think readers who enjoyed the journey of Xena & Gabrielle will appreciate Joy & Amber.

— I started a new book called Fanatica. Casey & EJ wouldn’t cooperate so I shoved them in a drawer for an extended Time Out.

— I started a new book called Etched in Shadows. Alice & Janelle are behaving themselves and I’m making speedy work of telling their story.

— I was a guest at Fan Fiction Lounge talking about a few of the stories I posted online back in the heyday of the Xenaverse. Seriously, those were some of the best years of my life, and if you were there, you know exactly what I mean.

— I went to Disney World & Universal Studios in Orlando with my great-niece & nephew, ages 4 & 7. Bathroom breaks with 4-yr-olds are priceless.

It’s exciting these days to see so many authors getting out there promoting their books at readings, festivals, conventions, chats & giveaways, and it’s a huge testament to book fans who have done the heavy lifting to organize these events and get the word out. I remember back when we begged our way into LGBT & feminist bookstores and counted the days to our annual Bardcon. Authors were lucky to get 2-3 events a year — now if you don’t have at least one a month, it’s because you’re a slacker!

I have FOUR happenings lined up for March!

— On Tuesday the 19th, I’ll be a guest at the Fabulous Dallas JEWEL Book Club discussing Rhapsody. These gals are serious about their books and have been around for ages. I feel like the last author on the planet to make the Texas pilgrimage, and I’ve been jealous of all the others. Thanks for your patience.

— On Sunday the 24th (1-4 pm), I’m doing an event with Katherine V. Forrest & Ronni Sanlo at Matchbox in downtown Palm Springs, sponsored by The Center, the desert’s hub for the LGBT community. We’ll start with a meet & greet, then a reading and a Q&A. Come early for lunch!

— MaryD’s annual AUSXIP Charity Auction happens March 21-27, and I’ll give someone a chance to show up as a supporting character in Etched in Shadows. Money raised in the auction goes to Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

— Not sure of the dates for this one, but March kicks off our Spring membership drive at the Lambda Literary Foundation. I’ve worked things out with Bella to offer a certain number of ADVANCE COPIES of West of Nowhere to LLF supporters. Stay tuned for details.

Thanks for giving me the month off. April promises to be busy too, and then come the Lammys in New York and GCLS in Dallas. Lots of fun ahead.

2 Responses to “Nothing happened in February”

  1. Thanks, Sheri. I’m not sure I know which ebook blog you’re talking about, since I love ebooks too. And I’m a real fan of buying direct from the publisher, so we’re good!

    Take care of your back. I had surgery a couple of years ago. We’ll compare scars in Dallas. 🙂

  2. I do enjoy your blogs, not especially the one on e-books. I understand everything you said but rather stick my head in the sand. I love my ebook. I buy equally from BSB, Bella and not so much from Amazon. I am really sad to miss you at out Jewel book club meeting. Back Surgery March 6th. I have read Rhapsody twice and have a couple of thoughts I’m sending with my friend Pat Stone. You are a trooper to undertake a 4 and 7 yer old to Disney. They will remember the trip and you for ever. See you (free of wheelchair) at the GCLS in June. Take care of yourself. Sheri Campbell

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