West of Nowhere

It was a great dream—while it lasted. At twenty-five, Amber Halliday had thought life on the road with the band was her ultimate fantasy come true. In the blink of an eye she finds herself abandoned at a truck stop in Kentucky. No money, no family and nowhere to go.

Even though her common sense tells her to drive on by, Navy veteran Joy Shepard simply can’t ignore a woman in distress. With a cross-country trip ahead of her, she has space in her truck and even a temporary job caring for her wheelchair-bound father.

Though Amber is grateful for Joy’s help, she’s immediately challenged by Joy’s excessive tidiness and stringent rules. And Joy’s father is even worse! For her part, Joy can’t believe anyone can be so slovenly, so undisciplined, so…frustrating! Every mile increases the chances that their lives—-and their hearts—-will end up right where they met: nowhere.

ISBN: 978-15949-3345-5

One Response to “West of Nowhere”

  1. This story was amazing and it left room for part 2… hint hint.

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