Read it now — West of Nowhere

Self-respect. That’s the theme of my newest book, West of Nowhere, available for download today from Bella Books.

Amber Halliday gets by, from one lousy job to another, and one lousy relationship to another. Only 24 years old, she already has a lifetime of regrets and nothing to show for it. When she’s abandoned by people she thought were her friends, her survival instincts take over — her plan, as always, is whatever it takes.

PT Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” In West of Nowhere, that sucker is Joy Shepard, a US Navy veteran who just can’t bring herself to turn her back on a damsel in distress. She has regrets too, especially after she offers Amber a lift.

More than any book I’ve written since Malicious Pursuit, this is a hero story. Fans of Xena might recognize a familiar dynamic between Amber & Joy, though I promise no one loses their head.

I posted the first chapter a few weeks ago. If you’re already sold on the story, you can order the paperback; or read it now by downloading the ebook. Formats: pdf for your laptop; Mobi for Kindle, iPad & mobile devices; and epub for Nook & Sony.

And of course I’ll have copies at GCLS in Dallas. See you there!

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