The Book Within

TKAMWhat do Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mark Twain & Harper Lee have in common? All three wrote popular fiction of their day, and their works were required reading in high school and college. Imagine that fifty years from now, your book is required reading in a sophomore literature class focusing on lesbian genre fiction in the early 21st Century. What will students say about its theme or tone? Will they dissect your use of imagery, symbolism and irony; discern your metaphors and motifs; or understand your allegory?

On Saturday in Dallas, I’ll be presenting a master class at GCLS called The Book Within: The Use of Literary Devices in Popular Lesbian Fiction. Drawing examples from lesbian fiction and beyond, we’ll explore ways you can give them something to talk about.


For those of you who love the sensation of cracking open a fresh-smelling book and holding it in your hands, I’ll have copies of my new release, West of Nowhere, at GCLS. The story features a character (and I do mean character) by the name of Lynne Pierce, who won the first-dance author auction last year. Yep, she had to dance with me and take her chances on showing up in my book.

Bella Books will be in Dallas too with a slew of your favorite authors, including Gerri Hill, who is making her first appearance at GCLS. Don’t forget to notice the rest of us. πŸ™‚ Oh, and if you’re into ebooks, you can get those too.

I can’t wait to see old friends again, and make new ones. Watch out for Dillon Watson β€” she’s a notorious troublemaker who acts all innocent when the cops show up.

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