Etched in Shadows

For 39-year-old Johnelle Morrissey, the American Dream is a successful career in medical technology, a stately home in historic Charleston, SC, and happy times with the people she loves most—her husband Dwight, their teenage son Ian and her oldest friend Alice Choate. That dream shatters on a routine business trip when her plane goes down shortly after takeoff, leaving her with only clouded memories of her former life.

Devastated by the tragedy, Alice teams with the family to help Johnelle recover. For hours on end they talk about their lives, reminiscing on the moments that formed their friendship over the years, with Alice guarding her most closely held secret—that she’s been in love with Johnelle for as long as she can remember.

Johnelle begins pulling the memories together, eventually recalling the significant events of her life—the college years, her wedding and the joys of raising her son. What she can’t remember are feelings of love for Dwight. As her physical injuries heal, the depressing return to her marriage is more than she can bear…especially since her heart wants Alice.

ISBN: 9781594933738e

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