Listen up!

Those of us who toil at the laptop squeezing out stories like frozen toothpaste sure do appreciate when others offer to help with our ever-expanding job. Liz McMullen is a writer’s friend who selflessly puts in hours of work to promote lesbian books & authors, and I’m honored to be her guest on the Liz McMullen Show. We’re recording tomorrow, Oct. 5th, and if you have questions you’d like me to answer, hurry over and post them on her Facebook page. I’ll post a link to the recording as soon as it’s available.


And here’s something else to listen to: Later on this month, I’ll be meeting up with DeeJae Cox to record her new radio show in Palm Springs, California Women 411. That one airs on November 2nd, and you can listen to the broadcast over the Internet, or to a podcast later. Watch for that link too.


I’ve just sent off the final galley tweaks for Etched in Shadows, whichmeans it’s off to the printer. It’s the story of Johnelle & Alice, whose love for one another has smoldered since childhood. Tragedy brings a new perspective with a chance to have a life together. No two stories are the same — and aren’t you glad!?! — but I think this book will resonate with those who enjoyed The House on Sandstone. Release date is November 19, but I’m sure to offer a few advance copies duringour Fall Fundraising Drive at the Lambda Literary Foundation. Stay tuned for that.


Good luck to everyone through these politically dark times. Try not to slap the stupid people.

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