Want an early copy of Life After Love?

Did you ever lose someone you loved with all your heart? Did you think your life was over? Were you so depressed that your family and friends worried you were destroying yourself? Were you certain you’d never be happy again?


Life is over for Allyn Teague, or so she thinks when her wife leaves Seattle for another woman. Facing unrelenting heartbreak, she learns to embrace it, oblivious to the toll her grief is taking on her body and spirit. Her only hope is for Melody to realize her mistake and come home.

Bea Lawson notices Allyn’s decline because she too once suffered a shattering loss and struggled to put her sorrow to rest. While neither is yet the woman she wants to be, it soon becomes clear their lives are better together … until their budding love is threatened by choices they never expected to face.

I’ve just signed off on the galley proofs for Life After Love, so it’s off to the printer. Look for its release from Bella Books in October. OR … you can get an autographed copy early by making a $100 donation to Lambda Literary to help support our website upgrade. I say “our” because I’m on the board of directors and my main job is to raise money for our programs. Make your donation through that link and write the words “KG’s book” in the memo line. I appreciate the generous support from the lesbian book community, and if you have any ideas for things I can do to show my gratitude, please let me know.


My July release, Anyone But You, is still enjoying a nice ride. Thanks for all the reviews, Facebook posts and emails. In our community, word of mouth is probably the most important thing you can do to support an author whose works you enjoy.

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