So long, summer

IMG_0698I took this photo off my back deck this morning so I can remember the green. There isn’t much of that in the desert around Palm Springs. It’s beautiful there as well, but very, very different.

It’s been a great summer here in NC. By my tally, I’ve walked about 250 miles through Moses Cone Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The highlight of all those days was greeting others along the trail, many of them familiar because we have the same daily routine. I don’t recognize the people, but I always remember their dogs. Cody, the border collie. Gracie, the golden retriever. Cocoa, the chocolate lab. Chloe, the toy poodle.

The summer has also been a productive time for writing. I’ve finished two-thirds of my first 2015 book, called T-Minus Two. It’s the story of two women who meet during a competition on the Big Island of Hawaii for two seats on Tenacity, the first manned mission to Mars. Danielle Zion won the author auction at GCLS for the first dance with me, and she makes an appearance in the book.

I’ve got another book coming out next month. Life After Love, a traditional romance about two women who think their greatest love is behind them. (You and I know that isn’t true.) In case you missed my last blog, I’m offering the chance for an advance copy, autographed and mailed to you anywhere in the world. All you need to do is support Lambda Literary with a $100 donation and write “KG’s book” in the memo line.

That’s it for now. We’re starting out today on our cross-country trip with Roz the kitty, who has no idea what’s she’s in for over the next week. After brief stops to visit family in TN and AZ, we expect to arrive in CA one week from today. Happy trails to all of you.

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