What I’m doing about it

It’s been nine days. I still wake up in the night mired in the horror of our political reality, with the feeling of a foot on my throat. I once had faith in the overall goodness of America — but no more. I’m disappointed in family, and in many I once thought were friends. They knowingly elected a man who’s shown himself to be deplorable in so many ways; in so doing, they became deplorable themselves. How do I greet contempt with warmth and optimism?

The assault on fairness crossed so many fronts, seeded by prolonged efforts to block and delegitimize the country’s first African-American president. What we were up against:

  • a years-long campaign — sexist at its core — to denigrate the most qualified person ever to run for the office of President
  • one-sided leaks by foreign disrupters targeting private files and emails related to her campaign, amplified by a complicit media in its misguided attempt to look “unbiased” against a man who boasted about being able to walk in on naked teenage women
  • the horrific decision to announce a bogus criminal investigation 11 days before the election
  • nationwide gerrymandering to ensure the House remains forever in GOP control
  • voter suppression laws throughout the country to keep minorities and Millennials from the polls
  • an electoral college that waters down urban voters (i.e., those who successfully live and work every day with people of all races, ethnicities and religions), who comprise the majority of the electorate
  • and worst of all, the hoarding of federal court picks until right-wing judges can be installed
  • ***

    Americans rewarded that, and I’m deeply ashamed of them. I don’t love my country right now, and I’m quite pessimistic about its future. We’ll never again be able to tell our children that “Cheaters never win.”

    15073355_1169980709737920_2056847807651519478_nSo where do I go from here? I was in NY over the weekend and took part in two massive protests that ended in front of Trump Tower. “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!” “SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT CLEAR — IMMIGRANTS ARE WELCOME HERE!” “LOVE, NOT HATE — MAKES AMERICA GREAT!” That was fortifying, but for what? We have to turn those beliefs into action.

    These are the things I can and will do:

  • lend my financial support to organizations that help those who are sure to be targeted by the incoming administration: Planned Parenthood (bonus points for donating in Mike Pence’s name), Emily’s List, Council on American-Islamic Relations, American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Literary
  • stay active in local efforts to make lives better for my neighbors who suffer because of cruel government policies that will take food off their table and force them to work for low wages in order to sustain investor profits
  • continue efforts to register minorities and Millenials to vote, and encourage their participation in the 2018 midterms and state elections
  • register my viewpoint regularly with my congressional representative, the loathsome Virginia Foxx
  • write books that affirm lesbian lives
  • defer as much income as possible to 2021 to avoid paying taxes to a government that isn’t even trying to represent me
  • ***

    The temptation to drop out of society for the next four years is great. I will instead choose to be there for my friends, and for those who need a champion. Love to you!

    15 Responses to “What I’m doing about it”

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am a college teacher of American History, Popular Culture and Women’s History, and my students share my shock, horror and outrage at the America we are living in. Some are genuinely uneasy about their future in this country, and their personal safety. Please keep fighting the good fight, and keep writing your books. There is so much power in the positive, tolerant world that you shape with your writing. Thank you!

    2. I too am still spiraling around the five stages of grief over this election. I’m encouraged to read I’m not alone. I read a fantastic Huffington Post article yesterday that spoke to the core of the question I find myself unable to stop asking…”How?” Long story short, post-truth. Facebook and Fox News have become the primary sources for consuming “news” and with the added effect of the echo bubble, once the false stories enter, they grow larger as they bounce around. The best way to turn this tide is from the inside. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/to-family-friends-and-peers-who-voted-for-trump_us_582e6b1fe4b08c963e343d23

    3. Thank you for this!! It basically sums up how I’m feeling as well…so utterly sad and disappointed that our great nation validated him, his rhetoric and his actions.

    4. It’s still difficult to reconcile. How could so much change without a sign? There is still so much good in so many of US and I don’t want to give up, but there is no logical path for discussion and reason. It’s like fighting cancer.

    5. I really enjoy reading your blogs KG. It gives me an idea of what is happening in the US. You could always visit Australia.

    6. Awesome….well said 60 million of us agree
      Mid term elections and take back the Senate

    7. All good, concrete suggestions. Thanks for this post. And I have always viewed writing books about lesbian lives a political act – now more so than ever.

    8. KG, enjoy your posts on FB and this blog hits home on so many fronts. I too no longer care to be an American and no, I don’t love this country. If I were independently wealthy and didn’t need my Social Security benefits to live on, I would be moving to Cornwall, England or somewhere in Ireland. I too feel helpless and powerless when the evil that is the GOP have pretty much cheated the American people with gerrymandering and general cheating. I almost feel as if we are forever doomed to be under conservative, GOP control for our foreseeable future. The United States government is no longer government by the people, for the people. It is a cesspool of lobbyists, wealthy interests and politicians no longer beholden to America or the people of America. What is there to love of America? I don’t even recognize it anymore.

      • Powerlessness is infuriating. Here in NC, the Democrats captured control of the State Supreme Court. No worries, the outgoing (defeated) GOP governor plans to pack the court with two more justices, both appointed Republicans, to take back control. We are truly at a stage where we need to separate ourselves into Blue and Red and let folks resettle where they feel at home. This union isn’t worth preserving.

    9. M. E. Logan, Author Reply November 17, 2016 at 9:23 am

      Thank you for your comments. It’s exactly how I feel. Betrayed by family and friends.


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