A Time for Healing

It’s been over a month now. Every single morning since Election Day, my first waking thought is that Americans chose as their 45th President an ignorant narcissist instead of a woman who arguably was the most qualified candidate ever. Yet I’m reminded daily in the press and on social media that Americans should strive for understanding, that our innate goodness always shines through, that families and traditions are stronger than our political differences … fuck all that. I don’t want to understand their racism or misogyny; nor do I see goodness in their carelessness at giving away the social progress of the past 60 years. I’m disconnecting from everyone I know who supported that douchebag, including family. That’s how I plan to heal.


So … what’s new? I turned in a manuscript last week, a romantic thriller called Moment of Weakness. It’s still ages away from release (July 2017), but I’ll share the cover and blurb next month. I expected to have some down time, but it seems my end-of-year work at Lambda Literary has piled up. And of course, another story popped into my head the instant I hit the Send key. Funny how it leapfrogged the one I’d planned to write.


I have an upcoming event! Sunday, February 19th — Laurel Bookstore in Oakland, CA. Details are still in flux, but it’s likely to be a 2-hour reading, panel discussion and Q&A with several Bella authors, including Karin Kallmaker, Jaime Clevenger, Heather Rose Jones, Laina Villenueva and perhaps others. I’ll post the time once we’ve nailed down our final arrangements. Nothing invigorates my will to write like a chance to commune with readers and fellow authors.img_0874


Lastly, I guess it’s time to formulate my annual Top 10 list. It’s a 12-year tradition for me, taking stock of the year by highlighting events, accomplishments and special memories. This won’t be the first time I’ve approached it filled with malaise. I think I’ll post this photo of my cat.

15 Responses to “A Time for Healing”

  1. I totally agree. I also unsubscribed to Wash Post and Time. They helped elect the a**hole. We have a news ban for the most part in our home. I still get news in my inbox and read just to stay informed-no watching talking heads at all.
    Don’t want to hear why “you” voted for Trump because “you” voted against your own interests. Idiots!
    I also changed my party affiliation to unaffiliated. It disgusts me why the Democratic Party led by Obama has trashed Hillary. They all lost, and I am done.
    I hope Hillary enjoys her family, her walks in the woods and has a better life than what was in store for her. We do not deserve her!

    Just a little rage still coming through!

  2. The whole thing is nauseating. I’m disgusted by the fact that this asshole made it perfectly ok to be a racist, bigot, homophobe, misogynist, anti Semite etc., etc. I cannot seem to be able to come to terms with it and it’s completely changed the way I feel and view people I know who voted for that pig. Unfortunately, it’s even changed the way I feel about America.

    • That’s it exactly. I have no desire to pledge my allegiance, to salute my flag, to sing my anthem. I don’t believe in what my country has become.

      • My wife and I have actually considered where we can move….another country. After these past 8 years where we were FINALLY liberated and granted our DESERVED rights, I just don’t feel like fighting for my rights….again. Been doing it my entire life, starting with my military career when being gay was a means for a dishonorable discharge. Let’s not forget about the fight woman have had to fight to be in charge of their own bodies! It could all be gone over the next several years.

      • I agree! I refuse to accept a person as flawed as this one as my President. I’ve already thought about how I will hide people in my home if he tries to deport them because of their religion. I also refuse to be one of those “sheeple” who blindly accepts the upcoming sick administration and follows others over the cliff of ignorance and complacency – at my age, I have nothing to lose if I stand strong and refuse to salute an anti-christ (and no, I’m not a “believer” but that’s the best way I know to describe this wolf who actually comes dressed in wolf’s clothing, and revels in how so many are falling in to line behind him). NOT MY PRESIDENT – NOT EVER!

  3. I also agree. You cannot vote for trump and say you are my friend, or family. I’m done with all of you trumpers and your low life ideas. I was glad to see your post.

  4. “I’m disconnecting from everyone I know who supported that douchebag, including family.” I did the same thing except I can’t give up on my sister *sigh*

    • Fortunately my brother is as liberal as I, as are a mere handful of our relatives. As for the rest, I’d rather endure the pain of not having them in my life than the pain of remembering every time I see them that they’re deplorable.

  5. I agree with you completely and think that we must challenge and fight every despicable appointment and decision that this clown makes.

  6. I completely agree on the election mes. I pulled out of my family as well. You can’t say you love me and vote for Trump.

  7. My heart goes out to you for your malaise – seriously. This is an outcome that has fucked with our lives and sense of right and wrong. As well as a photo of your cat I think this might help… https://youtu.be/19i5ehy-f54

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