Shaken #5: Words Unsaid

As parents, Anna and Lily’s guiding principle is to help their children reach their potential and capture their dreams. Ten-year-old Eleanor is a STEM whiz already building apps for her mobile phone, while her twin brother Georgie is climbing the youth tennis rankings in Southern California. Andy continues his love affair with cars, but his dream is threatened when Anna decides to sell her empire of dealerships and move on to her next career challenge.

At her wits’ end with sixteen-year-old Andy, Anna can’t fathom how he got to be so strong-willed and stubborn. Lily has a pretty good idea, but she’s mostly keeping those thoughts to herself. Now a family court judge, her experience playing peacemaker is coming in handy at home.

What they need is a family vacation, a chance to draw closer and reaffirm their love for one another. Those plans are suddenly upended when Andy goes missing.

ISBN 9781642472813


3 Responses to “Shaken #5: Words Unsaid”

  1. This is my favorite book series of all time so when I saw there was a new book bought immediately. Cannot wait to read!

  2. Never disappointed in your books. I pre-ordered Words Unsaid from Amazon, I think I received it two days early. Read it all in one night. I have read it for a second time. It was like you were in my head with ICE. I live close to the boarder outside San Diego so we see it first hand. Love your work.

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