Playing With Fuego ready for pre-order

Ships Nov 12 from Bella Books

Wondering what you’ll do with yourself after Election Day? You can order Playing With Fuego from Bella Books and have it in hand on or near the release date of November 12th. It’s set in Miami, a place near & dear to my heart, where I lived for 11 years before moving back out to the West Coast. If you can imagine how blonde, blue-eyed Daphne Maddox feels as she makes her way among the beautiful, exotic Latinas of South Beach, you’ll understand why this story lent itself to a first-person telling.

If you’re planning to be anywhere near Palm Springs, California, this weekend, it’s Pride Weekend in the desert. I’ll be reading from this book & Rhapsody at the Q Trading Company on Friday at 6:30, and at the Authors Village booth on Sunday at 2 p.m. Advance copies available!

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